About us

Zonjli, founded in 1999, is a supplier and service provider of intelligent weighing solutions in Nanchang new and high-tech zone in Jiangxi Province. Main business covers industrial intelligent IoT weighing system, highway intelligent weighing system, special equipment system, analysis and detection instruments. Our company was being published in National Equities Exchange and Quotations in July, 2016 with stock code: 838082.


Our production base is equipped with most advanced facilities. We annually manufacture 3000 sets of electronic scales. Our products are spread all around the country. And they have been exported to over 40 countries. In highway, cement, harbor, grain, food, coal and chemical industries, our products are widely applied.


Main business
Industrial intelligent IoT weighing system
Connect all items that need weighing to IoT through information sensing facility and to form a intelligent system by adding of weighing detection terminals displayed in monitoring regions. It realizes information collection, real-time monitoring, information transmission, coprocessing, information service and intelligent manament.


Zonjli intelligent IoT weighing system includes electronic vehicle scale, rail weighbridge, unattended operation automatic weighing management system, standard industrial scale, weighing process control system. They are widely applied in mining, metallurgy, petroleum and coal industries to solve problems in data collection and output. It realizes automatic production and management.


Highway intelligent weighing system
Highway intelligent weighing system uses weighing equipment, licence plate capture equipment and vehicle type facility to gain data. And data will be transfered to data processing system based on advanced information technology, data communication and transmission technology, sensor technology. The information will be processed into data package and to realize toll-by-weight and overrun management.

Zonjli highway intelligent weighing system includes ETC weighing system, axles toll-by-weight system, expressway entrance heavy resistance system, overrun and overloaded offsite enforcement system and etc.

In addition, Zonjli provides customers with excellent data storage, analysis and equipment fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance service.


Special facility system
In intelligent facilities manufacturing field, Zonjli has core technology of instrument detection, automatic control and software development. We have developed lots of patented products, for example, self-propelled rolling kitchen wide range of temperature electronic control system. It is at world leading level and was used in WenChuan earthquake relief and Yushu earthquake relief. Electronic Chinese medicine measuring cabinet won 1st “Tiangongbei” industrial design award of Jiangxi Province. DCS of biologic power plant is among leading postion in China.

My status
My status
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